Committed to Elevating Life Quality Through Biotechnology

Leading Innovation in Pharmaceuticals and software
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Integritics is Committed to Innovating Integrity Technologies for a Healthier Future for Humanity.

Our mission is to enhance the data integrity of industries through our exceptional services and products.


We earnestly address societal issues with sincerity and build trust through transparency.
At Integritics, a culture of honesty and mutual respect is the cornerstone of our teamwork.


With our forward-thinking passion, we fulfill societal needs. As we grow, we aim for society to prosper with us. Our commitment is to cultivate a compassionate and dynamic company.


We harness problem-solving skills in every situation, earning trust. By embracing challenges and innovating practical solutions, we showcase our evolution and growth.
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Pharmaceutical Industry Quality Expertise Over 10 Years of Diverse Field Experience

We are at the forefront of technology, shaping a healthier future for humanity. With our services and products, our goal is to enhance data integrity within the industry.

Our customers rely on our expertise and ability to deliver optimized solutions that align with their goals.
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Technical Capabilities

Integritics is continuously gathering technology and expertise in GXP, covering a range from microbial IT services to quality assurance system technologies.
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Data Integrity
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Technical Capabilities

Integritics constantly assesses the requirements of international regulatory bodies and standard-setting organizations to integrate them into our services. This ensures compliance with global GMP standards that our customers strive to meet.
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Conducts thorough analysis of international regulatory agencies and standard organizations
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Ensures compliance with global GMP standards
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Our offices

We offer an environment conducive to growth and enjoyment.
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Seongnam-si, South Korea:
A Building 202 in Dalaenae-ro 46, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
T.(031) 401-3691
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Seattle, USA:
10F, Metpark east, 1730 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
T. (206) 671-6391
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What we're all about

Building a business is a collaborative effort.
At Integritics, our values guide every decision
we make.
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Expand your knowledge and enhance your potential.
Deliver maximum value.
Embrace opportunities for growth by addressing challenges.
Go above and beyond.
Success is a journey, not a straight path.
…All while having fun.

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